Published on13/12/2021by: redazione

Euricse becomes increasingly international

The Euricse community is expanding and opening its doors to a new member from India – Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited – also known as IFFCO. IFFCO is one of the largest Indian cooperative enterprises (bringing together 36,000 first level cooperatives and 55 million farmers) engaged in the production and marketing of fertilizers and other agricultural products since 1967. IFFCO is also at the top of the Top 300 rankings of the World Cooperative Monitor, the report produced by Euricse and the International Cooperative Alliance, with the 10th anniversary edition recently released on November 30th. With this new entry, Euricse’s members rise to 32, comprised of public and private entities, including cooperatives, consortia, foundations, associations, and other social economy organizations that believe in the values pursued by the Institute.

«We are proud to establish relationships with a cooperative that, based on the needs of its farmer members, has developed an articulated and varied range of services and products, working every day to achieve fundamental social and environmental goals, ensuring fair and dignified working conditions in a complex context. This new addition strengthens the multidisciplinary approach and international vision which Euricse has always pursued in close connection with the scientific community», said the Secretary General of Euricse Gianluca Salvatori.

The impact of IFFCO extends worldwide with other joint ventures such as JIFCO-Jordan, KIT-Dubai, OMIFCO-Oman, ICS-Senegal, and the other numerous strategic partnerships in the world of cooperation and agriculture.

«IFFCO is happy to become a member of Euricse and support the important work of research and knowledge building that the Institute is carrying out, promoting the understanding and development of cooperatives, social enterprises, nonprofit organizations and the commons. We look forward to collaborating on research projects and awareness raising efforts, especially connecting with other agricultural cooperatives around the world. We strive to produce innovative, ecological and sustainable products, such as the new Nano Urea Liquid and see joining Euricse as a chance to exchange best practices for creating a balanced and healthy ecosystem, learn about others’ experiences, and highlight the role of cooperation in improving the lives of our community members», said Tarun Bhargava, General manager, Cooperative Relations at IFFCO.

Founded in 1967 with 57 associates, and based in Delhi, IFFCO is now a giant in the cooperative world and has about 36,000-member cooperatives. IFFCO has diversified business interests, in addition to the main activity of production and sale of fertilizers which reaches more than 55 million Indian farmers.

Also, thanks to these numbers, IFFCO once again this year confirmed its number 1 position in the Top 300 based on turnover over GDP per capita in the World Cooperative Monitor, the research report that explores the economic and social impact of the largest cooperative organizations worldwide. The research, carried out by the International Cooperative Alliance and Euricse, offers rankings of the Top 300, employment data and sectoral analysis. The new 2021 edition celebrating the first ten years of the annual research report, was officially launched on 30th November at the 33rd International Congress of the International Cooperative Alliance (1-3 December Seoul, Korea, event in hybrid format). The new edition dedicates two focus chapters to current global challenges: the first on large cooperatives’ reactions to Covid-19, and the second on the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the 2030 Agenda in terms of human rights, fair work, environmental sustainability and sustainable growth.

What does it mean to be a member of Euricse?

Euricse is a research institute formally recognized and accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Euricse offers to its members favorable terms on consulting and training to improve and adapt business strategies and policies, a connection to a wide network of partners, amplified visibility, participation in events and opportunities for deepening knowledge and reflection on topics related to enterprises operating in the social economy.